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  • QZ-GCB800 Waste circuit board recycling line

    Roller crusher is used for the first break, hammer crusher is used for the second break and the third break. Material is crushed into powder by three-stage comminution, and then sorted by magnetic separation equipment...more

  • QZ-GCB300 Waste circuit board recycling line

    QZ-GCB300 Waste Circuit Board Recovery Line is suitable for small-scale production. It uses one-stage hammering crushing, air separation for the first time, pulse dust collector for dust collection,...more

  • QZ-GCB400 Waste circuit board recycling line

    Due to the special physical properties of waste circuit boards, the equipment adopts dry crushing and sorting technology to regenerate waste circuit boards, which can be recycled into metal powder and resin fiber powder. ...more

  • QZ-DX1200 Copper wire recycling line

    The equipment uses a tearing crusher to break the material into a length of about 3 cm, and then undergoes shearing and pulverizing by two broken machines, and then sorting by high-precision airflow sorting to obtain plastic and copper. ...more

  • QZ-DX500 Copper wire recycling line

    Mainly used for dealing with waste telecommunication wires, automotive wires, computer wires, telephone lines, household electrical appliances and other non-greasy wires....more

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